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Trump, Republicans, and the Rule of Law

Original article published on FiddleheadFocus by James P. Chasse available here

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To the editor:

Prior to the 2016 elections, Hillary Clinton had been before a Republican Congress numerous times on Benghazi and lost emails. Seven investigations later it was found there was no wrongdoing. The Republicans severely pilloried Hillary Clinton, all for political gain. They are still at it.

Yet, an intelligence community whistleblower claims that Trump broke the law by illegally asking the newly elected leader of Ukraine to provide dirt on Joe Biden’s son so it could be used against Joe Biden, by Republicans, in the 2020 elections, threatening him with withholding budgeted congressional funds if he didn’t.

First, Trump denied he pressured the Ukraine leader on getting dirt on Biden’s son. Then on Sept. 22, he admitted that he did talk about Biden with the Ukrainian leader.  So here we have a sitting president, who in secret, had talks with a foreign entity, basically asking that entity to provide dirt on a political opponent to influence a political election here at home. Shades of Mueller Report and Russian meddling in American politics. 

Yet crickets from Republicans who were ready to hang (Democrat) Hillary Clinton about some missing emails now are so quiet on this Trump possible treasonous act that you can hear chickens lay eggs. 

Former Massachusetts Gov. Bill Weld, flatly states that Trump has committed treason. .The preeminent expert on the Constitution, Harvard law professor Lawrence Tribe, states in the Huffington Post that “It’s treachery, if not Treason.”  They are not the only ones who think Trump committed treason.

The Trump administration is now trying to impede investigations into, what I call, Ukrainegate.  Again, they are trying to bar a whistleblower from appearing before Congress to testify. Again, they are attacking and threatening  those very people who want the American people to know the truth about Trump crimes. 

Trump needs to be impeached, pure and simple. A sitting president does not, should not, and indeed, there are laws against such illegal acts, threaten a foreign leader to provide potential political dirt on a political opponent to be used against that opponent in a political election. Trump is not above the law. We have a co-equal arm of the US government — Congress — that can indeed investigate Trump for criminal acts against the United States: it’s called impeachment proceedings. 

Our jails and our prisons are full of American citizens whose only law they broke was for smoking weed or driving while drunk. Here we have an individual, a leader of the United States, who is using his position to enrich himself personally, which is a crime, and now possible treasonous behavior. 

Trump is a danger to American Democracy and the Constitution. So are his enablers, the Republicans. The Republicans want so badly for the United States to become a dictator state that they are covering all of Trump’s lies and criminal behavior. Time to retire them both!

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