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Want to be heard on our President, the issues, and the future?

You don’t have to wait until November, 2020.

You can cast your vote in the first-in-the-nation Republican primary on February 11.

How can you vote for Bill Weld?


Check your party affiliation

Are you registered as a Republican, Democrat, or Undeclared? Only Republicans and Undeclared voters can participate in the Republican primary.


Visit your local Clerk's office

Complete an updated Voter Registration Form at the office of the Clerk in the town/city where you live to participate in the Republican primary.


Vote in the primary

Cast your ballot for Bill Weld in the New Hampshire Republican primary and make the difference. New Hampshire can turn the tide with your help!


You have until Oct. 25 to re-register as an “Undeclared” voter and vote for Gov. Bill Weld in the 2020 Republican primary. There is no better way to be heard!

Bill is a true New England Republican, fiscally conservative and socially open and supportive of all. He famously told a Republican National Convention,

“I want the Government out of your pocketbook, and out of your bedroom.”
Bill Weld

— Bill Weld

Former Governor of Massachusetts

Will you join him?

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