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National Review Backs GOP Presidential Primary

Originally published on Newsmax by Theodore Bunker available here

Mark Sanford of South Carolina will not be able to vote for himself because his state is one of four that will not have a GOP presidential primary. (Evan Agostini/AP)

The editors of the National Review on Thursday called on the Republican Party to stop canceling state primaries for the presidential nomination, saying that the voters have the right to make their own decision.

“Trump would be likely to win the primaries handily,” the editors admitted on Thursday. 

“But regardless of how it works out for him,” they continued, “Republican primary voters are capable of making the decision among Trump and the others… They deserve to be able to do so.”

As the incumbent, President Donald Trump is the presumptive GOP nominee for the 2020 election, but he does have at least three prominent challengers within his own party. Former governors Mark Sanford of South Carolina and Bill Weld of Massachusetts, and former Rep. Joe Walsh of Illinois have all announced campaigns for the Republican presidential nomination.

The National Review’s editors wrote on Thursday that they agree with Sanford on entitlements and the national debt, and note that he’s “right as well to criticize Trump’s record on them.” The editors note that when Sanford announced his campaign, Trump responded by mentioning Sanford’s extramarital affair scandal.

“Republicans seem heavily inclined to back the incumbent adulterer,” the editors wrote.

“If, that is, they get the chance. Four states so far have canceled their Republican primaries: Arizona, Kansas, Nevada, and South Carolina (which means Sanford won’t be able to vote for himself). The president says he has nothing to do with these decisions, but also that holding primaries he is sure to win would be a waste of money. The susceptibility of this argument to abuse by a ruler ought to preclude its being made.”

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