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Letter: ‘Weld For President In 2020’

Original article published on Monadnock Ledger-Transcript by Kelsey Linn available here

To the editor:

In high school and college I was a Democrat voter. As I got older I became a Republican voter. But since 2014 I became an Independent and Third Party voter, as a concerned American voter. In the Election of 2020, I am going to vote for Gov. Bill Weld for President. I would love to vote for Gov. Mark Sanford for Vice President as his running mate. It has been such a mess since 2009 with President Obama, and now since 2017 with President Trump. America can do better than this. And we need presidential candidates that we can actually believe in to vote for.

We need more competition and a Third Party movement in the broken two party system or monopoly. It could start at the local town and city level, and then got to the state level, and eventually be taken more seriously at the national level. The last two presidential elections of 2012 and 2016, out of the candidates of Barack Obama, Gov. Mitt Romney, Hillary Clinton, or Donald Trump, I would vote for Gov. Romney every time compared to the other three. Voters that did a write-in for Mike Pence in 2016 or for Tim Kaine, that did nothing, and those two are with Trump and Hillary, so you might as well vote for those tickets.

In closing, we need to get better educated on all of the candidates before we know who we are going to vote for. Do not vote for someone you do not like, just, because the polls, or your family, and friends tell you to vote that way. Vote for the one you truly believe in. Principles over politics. He or she that serves the people best serves their party best. And lets get out and rock the vote in the new year of 2020!:)

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