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After Much Media Fanfare, Sanford’s Latest Campaign Event Only Had One Attendee

Original article published on Accuracy in Media by Spencer Irvine available here

Even though these candidates received much fanfare and some time on national television, at least one of the candidates fell flat this week. Sanford’s campaign organized an event in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and only had one non-campaign and non-reporter attendee. Bill Quinn, who said he is a registered Democrat, told the press that his daughter heard a seminar that Sanford gave at the University of Chicago. His daughter admired Sanford “for his integrity” and it apparently spurred Quinn to attend Sanford’s campaign event. But adding insult to injury, although he supports Sanford’s presidential campaign, he is not planning on switching political parties to vote for Sanford.

In short, Sanford’s campaign event had one attendee who is supportive of his campaign, but does not plan on voting for Sanford in the election.

Although the media championed these primary challengers, the media did not mince words about the viability of the three primary candidates last month. For example, NBC News said that Sanford is “another long-shot primary challenger” and CNN agreed with the sentiment when it said Sanford launched a “long-shot primary bid” in their write-up of the announcement. 

Weld ran as a Libertarian Party vice presidential nominee in 2016 alongside Libertarian Party presidential nominee Gary Johnson. Walsh has been a radio host since leaving Congress in 2013. Sanford was the governor of South Carolina from 2003-2011 until an extramarital affair forced his resignation, and then served in Congress from 2013 until losing a primary challenge to pro-Trump candidate Katie Arrington.

Trump, at the time of the primary challenge announcements, tweeted his thoughts about the candidates:

The event and low attendance displayed how the mainstream media may inflate one’s perceived worth, impact, or value, but can easily abandon the person or cause if things go south.

Spencer Irvine
Spencer Irvine graduated from Brigham Young University in International Relations and currently works for AIM running operations and social media.

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